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Korean Journal of Head & Neck Oncology 1994;10(2):200-205.
Published online November 30, 1994.
A Significance of Estimation of Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen in Thyroid Nodule
Jung Chul Kim;Jung Han Yoon;Young Jong Jegal
갑상선 결절에서 PCNA 측정의 의의
Proliferating cell nuclear antgen(PCNA) plays an important role in DNA synthesis in nucleoli and is highly conserved non-histone nuclear protein composed of 261 amino acid. and is considered to correlated with the cells proliferative state, because it is synthesized particulary during the proliferative period of late Gland S-phase. Therefore, PCNA index meaningfully increases in the active or proliferative kinetic cells. By the use of recently developed monoclonal antibodies against PCNA, the immunohistochemical staining methods can make possible. These staining methods are the useful and productive one for ascertaining the cell's proliferating abillity. Moreover, immunohistochemical staining method with a antiPCNA antibody has particulrar advantages as follows. By means of these methods, we can stain the tissue that was already fixed in formalin or paraffin wax. We can see with naked eye that which cell is, where is differentiated through a microscope. Lastly, it maintains the whole tissue architecture and makes a search for the correlation. As we have seen above, the immunohistochemical staining methods for PCNA have been studied as an impotant factor that can find the cell proliferative kinetics in malignancy and biologic behavior of tumors. To investigate of the proliferative activity in thyroid nodule, Authors evaluated cell proliferative activity by immunostaing for PNCA in 45 pathologically confirmed solitary thyroid nodule. The results were as follows. 1) The benign nodules were 25 cases(Adenomatous Goiter: 20 cases, Follicular adenoma: 5 cases) and malignant nodules were 20 cases(Papillary Ca : 14 cases, Follicular Ca : 4 cases, Anaplastic Ca : 2 cases). 2) The Most prevalent age groups were 4th decade(11 cases), and the next group was 5th decade. 3) The average PCNA labelling indices were as follows. Adenomatous goiter(I6.9%), Follicular adenoma(37.6%), papillary Ca(26.3%), Follicular Ca(8.8%) and Anaplastic Ca(86.7%). There were no significant differences in benign(20.4) and malignant nodules (28.8%) except anaplastic Ca(p=0.3226). 4) When the average tumor size 2cm in papillary Ca, the PCNA indices were 26.0% (below 2cm) : 26.6% (above 2cm) (p=0.9642). The PCNA incidies were 23.9% (with lymphatic spread) : 28.7% (without lymphatic spread) (p=0.7056). There were no signlficant differences in the above cases. In conclusion, there were no significant differences in cell proliferative activity by staining for PCNA between benign and malignat nodules except anaplastic Ca.
Key Words: PCNA, Thyroid nodule


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